Piranha Token (PIRANHA)

Contract: 0x20c4c9c46ba62962f21f63470497f19c782f2c10
Decimals: 9
Total supply:
Stealth launch: August 20th
LP burned


Piranha is a community-driven digital currency on the Binance Smart Chain.
The goal is to grow, change, and reward holders every step of the way.

For every transaction (buy/sell) there is a 12% fee.
-8% is reflected back to holders in form of BUSD
-4% is added to the liquidity pool

BUSD reflections are automatically distributed to each wallet.
There is no need for collecting it manually.
The amount of BUSD each holder receives is based on the amount of Piranha tokens the wallet holds. The more you buy and have- the more you receive.
Adding to the liquidity pool provides the stability of the token’s price.